Special Sessions

A special session is a group of 6 papers (or multiple of 6), organized on the initiative of any volunteer proposing NO MORE than 2 papers inside. Special session topics must be in areas consistent with those of the ICIT 2017 conference theme.

ICIT 2017 will feature a significant number of Special Sessions on emerging topics and cutting-edge technologies in the areas of industrial electronics. Researchers in the area of Special Sessions are invited to submit their papers. Submission link is now open.

In order to avoid that Special Sessions tend to draw papers from Regular Tracks, the Special Sessions on Topics not enough specific and too general will be rejected.

Organizer Instructions

Any potential organizer (or group of organizers: no more than 2) has to complete the following tasks:

  • Provide Special Sessions Co-Chairs with a provisional title of the special session;
  • Send a “Call for Papers” dedicated to that special session to Special Sessions Co-Chairs (one PDF page as the one provided in the conference website);
  • Send a potential list of authors to be invited to submit a paper;
  • Send a list of potential reviewers (at least 3 reviewers per paper) to facilitate the review process

If less than 6 papers will be submitted before the end of the deadline, the submitted papers will be moved to regular tracks to be reviewed as regular contributions.

Special Session Co-Chairs: 

Max Mauro Santos (maxmaurodias@hotmail.com) – Brazil;

Yunwei (Ryan) Li (yunwei.li@ualberta.ca) – Canada;


a) Special Session Proposal: Dec. 15th , 2016
b) Approved Special Sessions: Dec. 31st , 2016
c) Paper Submission Deadline: Jan. 15th , 2017
d) Notification of Acceptance: Jan. 31st , 2017
e) Final Submission and Registration: March 6th , 2017